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    2011 - 07.07

    Stormtrooper vs. Vojeet.

    RestRoom 12014 RestRoom 12014

    RestRoom 12014
    released in 07/2011
    artwork by vojeet
    get it here as vinyl and at junodownload as well as at bandcamp. At bandcamp you will get a bonustrack if you buy the whole release!

    It was the year 2004 when Stormtrooper (maybe you know him from such small underground labels like Industrial Strength Records, Deathchant, Absurd Audio… [which is in comparison to RestRoom for sure not a big deal but just to mention it ;)]) and Vojeet (known from the best label in the world) entered RestRoomRecords with their first appearance on vinyl. So we thought it is time to present some new stuff from those 2 guys. So just listen and enjoy…

    For previews of all tracks use the bandcampplayer which you find below.

    01 – Devil Trigger (5.30)
    02 – Dragon Drop (5.03)

    01 – Irregeleitet [Restroom’s Edit] (6.08)
    02 – Unbegreiflicher Verbindungsabbruch [Restroom’s Edit] (5.30)
    03 – Lasset uns vor der Realität flüchten [5xpi-realitsverlustremix] (3.47)

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    1. […] You watching/listening to Vojeet – lasset uns vor der Realität flüchten (literary translation: running away from the reality), a noisy and harsh Drum & Bass tune. 5xpi did also make an interesting remix, which was released on the new Stormtrooper vs. Vojeet-EP. […]

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