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  • RestRoom 12013

    2010 - 11.02

    GFB vs. iGoA – Shadow Rays.

    RestRoom 12013 RestRoom 12013

    RestRoom 12013
    released in 11/2009
    get it here as vinyl and at junodownload as well as at bandcamp.

    It is the year 2366. Earth was destroyed during the war with the restroom troopers from planet WC0815. The deplorable rest of mankind is living on uranus participating in the last scientific human project called “Testphase 1″ to save mankind from extinction. They are trapped in a “Zeitschleife” and the only sense of their dark live is to wait for the next dose of the “Schwarze Essenz”. The only drug they get happy with.

    They know that they live in “The Outer Zone” beeing not only the target of the killing shadow rays but also of the top restroom soldier “Blade Runner” willing to kill all humans. And he is very succesfull. Mankind is chanceless. The last man standing just thinks in his ultimate moment “My Past Is Your Future”! We all die!

    For previews of all tracks use the bandcampplayer which you find below or you can listen to a 10 minutes promomix of this record.

    gfb01 – blade runner (4.05)
    gfb02 – my past is your future (5.10)
    gfb03 – the outer zone (5.00)

    iGoA01 – schwarze essenz (5.31)
    iGoA02 – testphase 1 (4.59)
    iGoA03 – zeitschleife (4.47)

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