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    2010 - 11.02

    AMBASSADOR 21 – Akcija V1.1.

    RestRoom 1200A/00B

    RestRoom 1200A/00B
    released: 08/03/2005
    get it here as vinyl and at junodownload as well as at bandcamp.

    AMBASSADOR 21 striking back with a fucking brilliant remixalbum of the famous Akcija!
    For previews of all tracks use the bandcampplayer which you find below.

    01. Dogma [remix by APHASIC]
    02. Revolution Is A Business [remix by C-DRIK]
    03. The Stones Find Aim [remix by SYNAPSCAPE]
    04. Love [remix by AXIOME]
    05. Whip Song [remix by END]

    01. Ambassador [remix by CDATAKILL]
    02. Remedy For Solitude [remix by P.A.L]
    03. We Declare Revolution [waking the ghost of Bella Bartok remix by HANSEL]
    04. Biology [species-3 remix by WILT]

    01. FM Must Die! [remix by NOT HALF]
    02. Zombie [remix by ROGER ROTOR]
    03. The Nerves [cervical neuropathology remix by FRAGMENT KING]

    01. Satisfaction [remix by MOTHBOY]
    02. Hero [psycho beat remix by CTRLer]
    03. New Doctrine About Trinity [remix by CONVERTER]
    04. We Declare Revolution [remix by PROYECTO MIRAGE]

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