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  • RestRoom 12009

    2010 - 11.02

    Sangre – En Memoria.

    RestRoom 12009 RestRoom 12009

    RestRoom 12009
    released: 08/03/2005
    get it here as vinyl and at junodownload as well as at bandcamp.

    Sangre (aka Acid Enema) presents a perfect mixture of Black Metal and Speedcore.
    5 songs with melancholic melodies influenced by the death of a familymember. This record is directly influenced by and dedicated to his Grandfather!
    For previews of all tracks use the bandcampplayer which you find below.

    01. Torment And Anguish
    02. En Memoria
    03. Regret

    01. The Next Time I See Your Face
    02. As In Life, So In Death

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