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    2010 - 11.02

    AMBASSADOR 21 – I Wanna Kill U.COM.

    RestRoom 12008 RestRoom 12008

    RestRoom 12008
    released 01/12/2004
    get it here as vinyl and at junodownload as well as at bandcamp.

    AMBASSADOR 21 consists of:
    Natasha: Voices, lyrics, live visual media.
    Alexey aka DJ J. Christ: Shouts, programming, digital noise.
    Additional guitars by J. aka CTRLer.
    For previews of all tracks use the bandcampplayer which you find below.

    01 I Wanna Kill U.COM
    02 All The Rest Like Animals Has
    03 Anarchy
    04 The English Lessons (Who Suck Fuck?)

    01 I Wanna Kill U.COM (Terror Mix By DJ J.Christ)
    02 Belarus / Teenage Action (Remix By Fanny)
    03 Time To Smoke
    04 I Wanna Kill U.COM (Game Slave Remix By Lament Configuration)

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