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  • RestRoom 12005

    2010 - 11.02

    Amboss vs. Zombie Flesh Eater.

    RestRoom 12005 RestRoom 12005

    RestRoom 12005
    released in 06/2004
    The vinyl is sold out in our shop but you can get it at junodownload as mp3 and wav as well as at bandcamp.

    Meanwhile amboss is well known for his brutalo, position chrome-influenced harsh
    drum´n bass/breakcore which he released on mindbender and kool pop.
    So he did on restroom!

    Ultrabrutal raggacore´n noise.
    Thats a perfect description of the tracks from ZFE.

    For previews of all tracks use the bandcampplayer which you find below.

    01 Amboss Theme
    02 Dematerialisation
    03 Machine Performance
    04 Ex Pi Ate

    Zombie Flesh Eater
    01 Civil War In Kingston (Version)
    02 Mindriot
    03 Ashera – Illusion (ZFE Remix)
    04 Tronic Dismember
    05 Antibreaks

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