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    2010 - 11.02

    VA – RestroomRecords widerstand.org compilation.

    RestRoom 12003/004

    RestRoom 12003/004
    released in 02/2004
    The vinyl is sold out in our shop but you can get it at junodownload as mp3 and wav as well as at bandcamp.

    A01 Eiterherd – Daemon (Hakkerz Release)
    A02 Zombie Flesheater – Voodookill
    A03 Retrigger – Erections
    A04 Amboss – Plug Me In
    A05 Skeeter – Swallow This (Remix)
    A06 Duran Duran Duran – A God Among Men

    B01 Deceptican – Spectre Arctique
    B02 5xpi – Misanthrophic
    B03 Buckettovsissors – Provocatures

    C01 CDatakill – Asking For It
    C02 Society Suckers – Desert Heart Part 3
    C03 Das:_Ankh – Like Diamonds In The Grass
    C04 Low Entropy – I Am God

    D01 Fdread – Terror Pop
    D02 Dr. Butcher m.d. – B Sonic
    D03 Jitteburg Devil – Spoothead
    D04 Adam Strang – Wanking To Satanic Zombieslasher Porn

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