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    2010 - 11.09

    RestRoomRecords is a label for noncommercial hard electronic music, located near Hannover, Germany.
    We started in 02.2002!!

    We are releasing all kinds of sick beats on vinyl. Our fields of interest: speedcore, breakcore, hardcore, gabber, experimental sounds, drumnbass.

    To get an idea of the sound of our records CAEDES did a wonderful promomix using only restroom vinyl. Thx man! HERE you can get it! Enjoy it and check also our vinyl.

    Demo-tapes & cooperations
    Please feel invited to send your demo-tapes, cds or whatever (but please no mp3). You want to release your stuff on this label or want to distribute/release our stuff? Just drop a line: inapt /at/ r-r-r.org. Please dont expect an answer within 10 years ;)

    Our head dj inapt hates to dj. Feel free to book the worst dj of the world: dr. inapt! Mail to inapt /at/ r-r-r.org.

    Please visit our site speedcore.net to get our stuff on vinyl. speedcore.net offers you a large collection of over 500 speedcore, breakcore, hardcore, noise and experimental vinyl, cd and dvd on low prices (most vinyl for only 5 euro).

    About RRR / RRReal li(f)e / website credits:
    contact adress:
    Stefan Thränert
    Eschenweg 92
    29313 Hambühren

    email: inapt /at/ r-r-r.org

    We are NOT responsible for any content of other linked sites.

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